Core Values & Beliefs

At P.S. 398Q we believe every child can L.E.A.R.N. Our school is an inclusive place where children feel safe and are nurtured into their highest potential. We believe that P.S. 398Q students gain the exceptional skills that "stand out" and are desirable in successful, confident and independent young adults.



L- LEAD   What do we believe about leadership?   

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.  Every experience is a learning opportunity to grow into a strong independent leader in our learning. Learning happens when we challenge ourselves, through perseverance, and persistence. Our children learn valuable lessons about leadership when they make decisions about their learning and are provided with opportunities for student choice. Our classrooms are a place for exploration, developing students’ critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills through team activities.

I am a leader!

 Empower Value  

E- EMPOWER What do we mean by empowered?  

Every student comes to school with strengths. Our school recognizes children’s individual learning styles and brings out their unique strengths.   At P.S.398, we empower others and ourselves when we build on our strengths. We believe that when children are excited and motivated about their learning they will succeed and become self-motivated learners.

I am empowered!


A- ACHIEVE What does success look like?  

Success is achieving our goals.  We set high expectations and goals for ourselves.  We monitor our learning and our progress to identify how we can take active measures to achieve them. As a learning community, everyone cares about each other and celebrates our achievements.  

I achieve my goals!


R- RESPECT How do we respect our community?

We respect our diverse community and value every member’s contribution to the classroom.  Our children work collaboratively building relationships with their peers, developing voice and a sense of belonging in their community, ultimately strengthening their interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others becoming responsible, respectful citizens of society.  

I respect myself and others!


N- NURTURE How do we create a nurturing environment?

Environments that nurture successful development include developing a trusting relationship among all members of the P.S.398 families. We believe in nurturing the whole child. This means our learning community is dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures the successful development of education, health and emotional wellbeing overall.

 I nurture my mind and my body!