Grading Policy

2021-2022 Grading Policy for Learning (Updated as of January 2022)

PS 398Q is dedicated to the advancement of ALL students in order to prepare them with the academic skills needed to thrive in the ever-changing world of the 21st Century.  This document serves as our written transparent grading policy to inform students and families about how grades are earned. This document outlines how courses are graded, the scale of marks awarded, how they translate into report card grades and when and how often students receive grades.

 Our grading policy applies to all students, including Students with Disabilities (SWD) and English Language Learners (ELLs). Please note all students, regardless of being an ELL or SWD*, are held to Grade Level Standards. (*ELL/ESL/ENL are synonymous. The term for ESL/ELL/ ENL is MLL (Multilingual Language Learner) 

*Students with disabilities-annual goals, plans for progress monitoring, and promotion criteria are documented in the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) , while the report card documents progress made in the general education curriculum. All students, including students with disabilities, receive grades based on how well they master the grade level  standards in various subject matter, concepts, content, and skills. The IEP describes specially designed instruction and accommodations for an individual student that is used to create access to grade-level standards and enable progress toward annual goals.

Grades K- 5 Grading Rubric Weighted Percentage Distribution

Please Note: PS398Q believes all students can achieve their academic and social goals.  At PS 398Q student achievement is based on the effort students make to achieve their goals.  For this reason, our grading policy places greater emphasis on students' academic performance in class. The weighted distribution scale below indicates that 60% of a student’s grade is based on how students perform in class (classwork + participation).  This supports our vision for success and the “growth mindset” students L.E.A.R.N. when they challenge themselves and demonstrate their ability to persevere through challenging tasks. 30% of student's grade is based on assessment data (assessments are a combination of quizzes, benchmarks and summative assessments).  The additional 10% of a student's grade is based on at-home learning. 

Grading Rubric Weighted Percentage
Classwork and Participation 60%
Assessment Data 30%
At-home Learning 10%

PS 398Q Grading Scale – Grades K-5

Significance Grade
Exceeds in Standards (100) 4+ by NYS Standards
Excels in Standards (90-99) 4 by NYS Standards
Proficient in Standards (85-89) a high 3 by NYS Standards
Meeting Standards (75-84) a mid 3 by NYS Standards
Approaching in Standards (65-74) a low 3 by NYS Standards
Below Standards (60-64) 2 by NYS Standards
Well Below Standards (64 or less) 1 by NYS Standards

Levels & Percentages

Grade Levels Percentages Significance P/F
4+ 100% Exceeding Standards Pass
4 90-99% Excels Standards Pass
3+ 85-89% Proficient in Standards Pass
3 75-84% Meeting Standards Pass
3- 65-74% Approaching in Standards Pass
2 60-64% Below Standards Fail
1 <59% Well Below Standards Fail

Marks awarded: The minimum grade a student must receive to “pass” or Meet NYS Standards is a 3. The Performance Level of 2 is below New York State Standards. While it is approaching standards, a performance level of below standards (2) is not on grade level or meeting Standards. Grades are cumulative and show students’ progress throughout the year.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Level Breakdown for Grades K-5

Timeline: Students will receive grades three times per year, November, March, and June via report cards in their homework folders as well as being accessible electronically on MySchools Account. Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to speak to their child’s teacher about report card grades during Parent Teacher Conferences. Please be advised PS398Q welcomes all families to discuss student progress during a mutually agreed upon appointment time with the classroom teacher. 

Marking Periods

  Marking Period begins Marking Period Ends Report Card Distribution Date Parent- Teacher Conferences MySchools Release Dates
MP1 September 13th October 29th November 3rd November 4th November 5th
**MP2 November 1st February 16th March 2nd March 3rd March 4th
MP3 February 17th  June 10th

Last day of school- June 27th

- June 29th

**Progress Report will be sent home before Mid-Winter Recess.**



Chancellor’s Regulation A-501 describes the promotion standards for New York City public school as well as information on the promotion in doubt process. The promotion timeline is as follows:

Date Actions
Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences  School give early notice to parents in the report card if the child’s performance is not approaching standards 
January  Promotion in Doubt Process Begins by identifying  students as Promotion in Doubt  
February School sends Promotion in Doubt Letters to parents 
Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences  School updates parent on the student’s progress towards meeting promotion standards